Memory Stones – solo exhibition at Várfok Gallery

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Várfok Project Room’s next exhibition will present the space specific project of Mátyás Misetics titled Memory Stones.
Mátyás Misetics (Budapest, 1982) received his master’s degree in photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in 2007, where he is doing his doctoral studies at the moment. He joined Várfok Gallery’s artists’ circle together with Peter Korniss during Autumn 2011 – this choice proves well the mostly ’painting-centric’ Várfok Gallery’s overture towards new directive lines. Memory Stones is the first solo show of Misetics at Várfok Gallery.
Misetics is a devotee of preconceived photography: surrealistic night scenes illuminated by only artificial lights have become a kind of ’trade-mark’ of his art. Night, intense lights, empty streets, figures transported by their lucid dreams, metamorphosis of branches and leaves – these are characteristic constructive elements of his photos. Misetics proceeds from a reality of which we are also aware of, but ends up totally elsewhere. His pictures mostly focus on themes like alienation and isolation together with one of photography’s fundamental notion: the thematic of reality’s two-dimensional interpretation. It seems that in the case of the next project – Memory Stones – this latter ambition becomes absolutely powerful. The two-dimensional scenes fall apart to then unite again inside a black space, this time in the shape of 3D cristals. They are the successors of a Platonic perception of the universe, being the perfect basic shapes to which Plato has dismantled the cosmos and has associated the classical elements. In a paradoxical way, the scenes, memories of a civilisation desintegrated into small elements, continue to live through these permanent forms, which – deprived of all material environments – float in a vacuum until the end of time, just like time-capsules or Memory Stones.

Misetics – with this series – manifestly experiments how to expand the limit of photography by first of all diverging from photography’s traditional pictural structure. In his reasoning, he consciously opens towards the field of fine arts, which approach is accurately reflected by two ’objects’ shown also at the exhibition together with the photo-series: a light-installation and a prism which take too, as a basis, the specular qualities of the cristal. The show is open until April 7th.

Várfok Gallery is one of the first privately founded galleries after 1989, showing contemporary art in Hungary that has been able to function continuously to this day. Károly Szalóky founded it under the name Várfok 14 Műhelygaléria/Várfok 14 Studio Gallery in 1990.